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06 May
Retirement Planning Workshop - Taxes in Retirement


Everyone dreams of the day they retire, but often not a lot of thought goes into what the days after retirement look like.  This presentation and all materials provided will help you think through the the financial aspects and the plan to fill your days in retirement, so you can plan today so you secure your tomorrow.

At Pacific Wealth Planning, Inc we create financial plans and implementation strategies that are tailored to your needs and goals for retirement and beyond.  Let us help you plan today so you’re secure tomorrow and beyond.

Pacific Wealth Planning, Inc. Financial Advisor/Founder 
Laura Steinbeck, CFP®, ChFC®,CDFA®  

Date: Thursday May 6, 2021 6:00pm-7:30pm PDT.


  • How and why the Marginal Tax System differs in your retirement years to your detriment
  • Will you really take money out of your IRA at a lower tax bracket than you put in
  • Understand the provisional income calculation on your Social Security payments
  • Understand how Capital Gains and Dividends impact your overall tax liability differently in retirement 
  • The difference between deductions, exemptions and credits on your tax return
  • Know the 9 different pieces of the tax system
  • How IRA required minimum distributions work and effect your tax liability
  • How Social Security is taxed
  • When Medicare premiums can increase as a result of your income
  • Get to know the tools that can be used for tax control 

Please feel free to send this event to any and all people that you think would benefit from this informational course.
Please register using the Registration Button or by calling 844-211-6119 RSVP #4717. Bring all of your questions, we look forward to meeting you. 

Date and Time

Thu, May 06, 2021

6:00p - 7:30p PST


Join us for an educational webinar in the safety of your home.


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